When Did You Last Change Your Facebook Business Page Header?

When Did You Last Change Your Facebook Business Page Header?

When Did You Last Change Your Facebook Business Page Header?

When did YOU last change YOUR Facebook Page header?

Now therein lies a question. “Most” people post on their Facebook pages daily, or every other, some don't post for days on end, and that's fine if you don't want to generate more business & maintain existing clients.

However, few ever do the little things like updating their PROFILE and HEADER images. Now, this could be down to one of these reasons...

You are unaware of the advantages?
It's too much hassle?
You found one you like and don’t want to change it?
You don't actually know how to? (just ask me it's FREE)
You don't think Facebook works as well as other channels?

Let's use an example of a photographer. Think of it from the view point of a potential client – your Facebook page might be the first example they see of your work (it might be the ONLY example they see). If the same old Profile or Header image shows up in their feed, they’ll go blind to it very quickly. But if it’s regularly updating, regularly showcasing a new shoot or photography theme, then it shows a wider range of your portfolio and is more likely to attract different audiences.

There are SEO benefits too. Did you know Google does regular 'Sweeps' on Facebook to see how active you really are? Your Google ranking will suffer if these tiny details aren't in check.. this all adds to the SEO pot at the end of the day, in the same way as having Facebook connected to your website!

Did you also know that within our Essentials Pack we offer Social Media Profile and Header images for up to 4 different platforms from only £99? No, I thought not.

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