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A tailor made, data protection policy to cover not just your website but your entire company.

GDPR Is Not Fun

There, we said it. Working out your data protection isn't the most fun part of running a business. HHowever, since 25th May 2018, the GDPR has given businesses better defined responsibilities and now the best practice is to include privacy policies on all websites. Don't believe me? Go check out the bottom of this very page and you'll see a link to ours. Go on - off you go. I'll wait.

See? They're there to tell website users what you plan to do with any data that they submit to you. Since the introduction of GDPR, massive fines can be passed out to anyone who does NOT take data protection seriously. As you know, digitalstarterpack was created to help start-ups, sole traders, small businesses and part-time, talented individuals who knew they needed a website but didn’t have the knowledge, time or budget to get a nice one. We have access to generic Privacy Policy text - which we can provide for £30 + VAT, but it is in your own best interests to take a real look at your GDPR policies.

How can digitalstarterpack help you?

We have teamed up with Phil Brown, who is a trusted local data protection specialist from a company called Data Mardler, who do privacy stuff day in, day out. He will offer you a free, no-commitment consultation to discuss your requirements in the first instance. He can help you to develop your entire company-wide privacy policies, data handling systems and all that "fun" stuff which, lets face it, is too important (and boring) to do yourself. You can contact him using or by calling 07830 245266.

Please note that he operates independently from us and should you proceed to use his services, after the initial consultation, he will invoice you separately.


Here's a taster of some of the projects we've recently worked on.