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Cover yourself for the sake of yourself, your employees and your customers.

Insurance Is A Necessity

Look, I know – no one has ever started a business based on their excitement about needing a new insurance policy. It’s not the most thrilling thing in the world, but assuming you ever plan to have a single customer, it is vitally important that you get yourself covered.

It’s not just about getting the cheapest insurance available. You need to make sure that you get the RIGHT insurance and cover for your business. For that reason above all others, we went through an insurance broker when searching for the cover we would use, rather than just comparing meerkats and opting for the cheapest offer we found.

The Insurance Centre Limited

Having used them ourselves, we have no hesitation in recommending that you speak to The Insurance Centre Limited, a locally based (to us, anyway!) Insurance Brokers in Norwich. Their aim is to provide competitively priced Insurance for your business and your personal policies with good cover and give a great service and someone to talk to. Just because they’re based in Norwich doesn’t mean you have to be – they can secure national or even international cover for you, your staff and your customers.

We don’t get any sort of kick back for recommending them. There is literally nothing in it for digitalstarterpack to say you should use The Insurance Centre, other than knowing it’ll mean you get the right cover you need to protect yourself, at a cost that we’re pretty sure will sound reasonable.

We aren’t going to make you get insurance, no one can. Much like your choices about Privacy Policies and your advertising budgets, it is totally up you how thorough you want to be with your company. But if you did decide to go with them, just tell them digitalstarterpack sent you, and it’ll put a smile on Phil’s lovely little face!

Check out their website here, email or phone Philip Beckett and his team on 01603 400755


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