"How and when to use an explainer video"

How and when to use an explainer video

"How and when to use an explainer video"

More and more businesses are using explainer videos to promote themselves both on their websites and on social media, but many people still aren’t entirely sure what they even are. Never fear, Digital Starter Pack is here to answer all your questions.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short, usually 30 seconds long, video outlining your business, product, service, promotion, or other aspect of your offering. For reasons which will become apparent later they typically contain no script and are set to music with subtitles scrolling along. They’re a great way to tell customers what you do in a memorable way that works across different platforms. The best way to think of them is as telling a story in order to tap into customers’ empathy and get them to care about your business. Explainer videos are also a fantastic way to visually demonstrate how a product works, so if you have a hard time getting customers to understand exactly what sets your product apart from your competition, they could be the answer.

When to use an explainer video

This one is kind of up to you as they are an incredibly effective marketing tool no matter where they’re used. If we had to commit ourselves to one place we’d say social media as they don’t require any sound (when was the last time you were scrolling through your feed with the sound blaring?) and the animation and bright colours make people stop scrolling to pay attention. Social media marketing is a huge market that continues to grow so anything you can do to set yourself apart from everyone else can only be a good thing, right? Another area they’re great for is on different places on your website so that each time a customer clicks through they see another video explaining in more detail what your product or service is.

How do they work?

We love making explainer videos, they’re great fun and really allow us to let our creativity loose. The first step is finding out exactly what you’re going to be using the explainer video to explain and where it will be used, otherwise that’s just us making a video based on what we fancy doing that particular day and who knows what you’d end up with (an explainer video on building Lego Viking ships anyone?). We work through a rough storyboard with you to make sure we understand what you’re promoting and you’re happy with how it will run. We then go away and work our magical magic to create a video you love.

If you would like to explore how explainer videos can help your business, we’d love to hear from you.


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