"How Much Should Website Design Cost?"

How Much Should Website Design Cost?

"How Much Should Website Design Cost?"

One of the first steps most people take when looking for a new product or service is to carry out an online search. Your website is usually the first interaction potential customers will have with you so it really needs to look professional and reflect your brand. Creating a new website can be an absolute minefield for the uninitiated with things like domains, hosting, and the actual cost to consider. The temptation for many people is to do it themselves but this takes you away from the thing you’re actually good at - running your business. At Digital Starter Pack we have the expertise to build a fabulous website tailored to you from just £199+VAT.

When starting a new business, the temptation is often to do as much of it as possible yourself to keep costs down, after all you are the start of your business journey and every outgoing requires careful consideration. Although there are loads of great free or low-cost website builders out there they can be incredibly time consuming and not to mention a little confusing. By the time you’ve spent a day learning what all the lingo means, plus time actually building the thing, you are likely no further ahead than you would be if you had hired an agency (like us). Using an agency means you can concentrate on what you’re good at and so can they. You’re paying for their time but also their expertise, after all this is the thing they do day in day out so you are in very safe hands. At Digital Starter Pack everyone gets a one to one account manager who will answer all your questions, plus all our prices are listed on our website so you know exactly how much to budget before getting things underway.

Start by looking at other websites you like and discuss with your account manager what you like about them - colours and layouts are a great place to start. All the sites we build are mobile responsive template-based brochure sites which increase the speed of getting them up and running while decreasing the cost to our customers. Our website, which we’re sure you’ll agree looks ace, is based on one of these templates so we can definitely vouch for their speed and effectiveness. A brochure site is usually all a business needs to attract visitors as they contain all the vital information customers need to say “hey this company is definitely where I need to buy my shiny new thing from”. Important things like who you are, what product or service you’re selling, what the cost is, and how customers can get in touch to buy your amazing thing/service are included.

If you’re starting completely from scratch we can provide amazing copy, source images, and create a beautiful logo for you. If you have everything you need and simply want someone to bring it all together we can use our expertise to create a thing of beauty. All you need to do is share your vision with us, we then get inside your head and create a mobile responsive website fully personalised to your business. Have questions about website jargon? Your account manager will happily talk everything through with you answering all questions to leave you completely at ease with the whole thing.

During the process we create a staging site which we share with you so you can see the progress we’re making and experience what your customers will experience. Anything can be changed so if you want something tweaking let your account manager know. Once you’re happy we send it off into the world for your potential customers to merrily find and engage with. If you need ongoing support we can definitely help, providing hosting (a place for your website to live) as well as a whole host (see what we did there?) of other amazing support.

We can also help with transforming your existing website, so please get in touch for more information.


Here's a taster of some of the projects we've recently worked on.