"How Much Should Logo Design Cost?"

How Much Should Logo Design Cost?

"How Much Should Logo Design Cost?"

Your logo is the window to your business, it’s usually one of the first things customers see and can help your company name stick in their mind so you want it to be individual and eye-catching. The national UK average cost of logo design is around £150, with many agencies charging around £200 for a basic logo (think company name and a symbol only) adding everything as extra. Here at Digital Starter Pack we understand how costly starting a business can be, after all we did it ourselves, so have put together a package that enables anyone to start a business with a beautiful logo. All well below the national average at just £50+VAT!

Before speaking with a designer we recommend getting together examples of logos you like and highlighting the reasons you like them - colours and fonts are a really good place to start. That way when discussing your future business-window with your designer they will have a good idea of which direction to take yours in. Something else to bear in mind is whether you prefer a logo which is purely a symbol or whether you would like a symbol and text (for example your company name), if you’re not sure then chat it through with your designer. At Digital Starter Pack we take a full brief from clients using all of the above information (hence recommending you collect it first, it really does make our job of extracting your vision much easier) and then create three versions using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. These are usually made up of two which strictly follow the brief and one where we let our creativity run a little wilder... we are creatives after all!

A large proportion of the cost of a logo is the expertise of the designer, you are paying for both their experience and their ability to transform what’s in your head into a beautiful design. Many agencies charge by the hour for this, making it incredibly difficult for you to know exactly how much to budget as revisions are typically extra. Not so with us! The cost of the three versions is included in the £50+VAT, as are a reasonable number of revisions (and no, 428 is not a reasonable number of revisions). We send the three versions over to you with your personal designer on hand to talk them over. If you like a certain element of one but the overall design of another we can combine them to make the perfect logo for you. No need to be worried about the cost of suggesting changes here. We always create completely unique logos which our customers love.

Once you’re happy with the final design of the logo we then export it in any format you want; usually an editable vector, full colour, and a version with no background colour. Everything you need to get started. Off you go into the merry world of business, with a shiny new logo to show off.

If you’re after a little more than just a wonderful logo we have the essentials pack which includes absolutely everything a brand spanking new business could possibly need to make other business owners go “oooo they’re fancy”. For just £99+VAT the essentials pack includes our wonderful logo service; social media banners so you have a profile image and banner image for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram; email signatures so you can make sure contacts always have your information to hand and show off your snazzy new logo; and one sided business cards designed to match your branding and colours, we can even get them printed for you. As ever, reasonable revisions are included so if we really haven’t managed to extract your vision we will stick with it until we do.

We’re incredibly proud of what we do here at Digital Starter Pack and love being part of customers’ business journeys. Being a boutique agency we not only keep costs down but also ensure everyone gets the service they deserve by giving every customer an account manager, no leaving messages which are never returned and no being passed around. At all. We’d love to be part of your story, so please get in touch for more information.


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