Graphic Design Essentials

From £30

plus VAT

Logo, email signatures, business cards and more.

What do you get for £99?

digitalstarterpack was created to help start-ups, sole traders, small businesses and part-time, talented individuals who know the importance of branding, but don’t know how to do it. We’re not experts in your business, but we are in ours – so let us help you develop a truly eye catching and personal logo, from which you can build the rest of your branding. We developed The Essentials Pack as a starting point to get you up and running.

We’re really proud of this package and think it represents incredible value for money. From just £99+VAT, here's what you get:

Logo Design

We’ll provide you with three different logos, all designed around your core theme, business and colours – assuming you have any preferences. You pick your favourite and we send you a high quality, web and print ready version.

OR Logo Re-Draw

Perhaps you already have a logo you love, but only have one copy of it and you need to make it bigger for a roller banner, or responsive for your new website? Have no fear, we can redraw your logo and make it digital marketing friendly.

Social Media Banners

Get branded, correctly sized profile and banner/cover images for your social media accounts. Included in the pack are a profile image and banner image for each of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Make your business look the business.

Email Signatures

Why stop with social media? Make sure all your contact information, company details and snazzy new logo are shown loud and proud on every single email you send from your work account, with signatures supported on most major email clients (like Outlook etc). Take a look!

1 Sided Business Cards

Leave a lasting reminder of your every conversation with a stunningly designed business card. Designed to match your branding and colours, we’ll provide the files you need to get them printed – or even get them printed for you! Take a look!


We will make sure you love what we've done. If we're totally wide of the mark, we'll go back to the drawing board until you're happy - no one's been left unsatisfied yet, and we plan to keep it that way forever and ever... starting with you!

Why choose digitalstarterpack?

In this internet age, if you have a company you need a logo. For social media, business cards, letter heads, email signatures and more – your logo is the virtual definition of who you are and what you do. And the best part is that you no longer need to break the bank to get one you’ll love.

What are your options?

We’ll be the first to admit that if you Google “free logo design” there are an awful lot of services out there to be found. But then, just because you might find someone offering free brain surgery, would you necessarily trust them to operate on you just because it was cheap?

Alright, maybe on your mother-in-law, but not on anyone you actually like.

Your business isn’t your unwanted extended family. It’s something you’re passionate about and proud of, so treat it like that.

A collection of our most recent logos

How we can help.

digitalstarterpack is the cost-effective way to get a beautiful, tailor-made logo for your business. No wasting your own time on something you don’t understand. No calling in favours from long-forgotten friends who once made a nice picture on Microsoft Paint.

Our Essentials Pack also includes social media banners, a one sided business card and even email signatures. All for only £99 + VAT.

With logo design, email signatures, social media profile images and even business cards all from only £30 if you want them seperately, we’ll work with you to make an amazing first impression for all of your customers.

Graphic Design

Maybe you don't need all of the parts of the pack. We offer a full range of graphic design services to get your business up and running. Please note that all prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

Logo Design

A new logo for your company, either starting from scratch of working on a redesign of your current logo.


Logo Re-draw

We'll take the logo you already have and make it web/print friendly, fully resizable with no loss of quality.


Social Media Banners

Profile and cover images for all of the major social media platforms, branded up and ready to use on your business accounts.


Email Signatures

Fully coded HTML email signatures, ready to use in Outlook or any other mail client you choose, for up to 3 people.


Business Cards

Single sided business card design, all of your contact information ready to hand out at networking and pitches.


Flyer Design

A5 sized designs to advertise what you do and how much it costs. Full colour, single sided design work.


2-Sided Business Card

Front and back design for your cards, really showcasing your brand and contact information. Make even more of an impact.


Hourly Design

If there are any other bits you would need that aren’t covered, we may be able to help, charged at our hourly rate.


We Are What We Sell

Every single thing on our site is made using the same people, tools and templates that will work on your site.

Logo Design

We love a logo that has a hidden meaning. Did you spot that ours incorporates the letters dsp?. Don't worry if you didn't - most people don't tend to either!

Fast Support

We aim to have all projects finished within a few days of content being supplied. So, the sooner you tell us what you want on it, the quicker it will be ready.

Unlimited Revisions

If we're wide of the mark, we'll keep going until you're happy with our designs. You need to love what we do.


Here's a taster of some of the projects we've recently worked on.