Your Complete Digital Starter Pack

From £379

plus VAT

Website, Logo, Video, Business Cards and more.

What do you get for £379?

We love this deal, and it’s not even one of those pretend “LIMITED TIME ONLY” offers that other companies dream up. There’s a lot of value for money, highly professional ground to cover here, so take a deep breath and breathe in the sheer volume of stuff included in The Complete Pack.

We’re up front about our (highly affordable) costs, and we care about the little guys and gals. Here's what you get for your money:

4-page website

A high quality, mobile friendly, HMTL site designed to showcase you, your services and your prices. Images, text, social media links and even videos can be built into the site, which will match your branding.

Working Contact Form

Customers can contact you directly via any address of your choosing with a snazzy looking email contact form. Use your website domain or your @gmail account, it will still look professional.


To keep quality and speed high, while costs down, we work via templates. Choose from some high quality looks. (PS: Yes, we used one of them to make our site! That's how good they are)

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll always have access to the same person, to whom you can ask any questions without fear of feeling silly. If you don’t understand something, we’ll keep explaining it until you do.

Privacy Policy Page

Your site is legally required to have a Privacy Policy link, usually located at the bottom. All our sites come with a blank page ready for your policy. You can use your own, or buy one of ours.

404 & More

We’ll make sure the page loads the right way, has the correct © year, doesn’t have ugly error messages and other background gubbins too boring to mention, but too important to ignore.

Logo Design

We’ll provide you with three different logos, all designed around your core theme, business and colours – assuming you have any preferences. You pick your favourite.

OR Logo Re-Draw

Perhaps you already have a logo you love, but you need a new version? Have no fear, we can redraw your logo and make it digital marketing friendly, so it can be resized as needed.

Social Media Banners

Get branded, correctly sized profile and banner/cover images for your most popular social media accounts: includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Nice!

Email Signatures

Why stop with social media? Make sure all your contact information, company details and snazzy new logo are shown loud and proud on every single email you send from your work account

1 Sided Business Cards

Leave a lasting reminder of your every conversation with a stunningly designed business card. Designed to match your branding and colours, we’ll provide the files you need to get them printed.


We will make sure you love what we've done. If we're totally wide of the mark, we'll go back to the drawing board until you're happy - no one's been left unsatisfied yet, neither will you be!

30 Second Branded HD Video

We use cutting edge video editing tools to create our 30 second explainer videos. Fully animated and branded, including music and a plethora of options.

Full Character Animation

Fully mobile and responsive characters, backgrounds and props can be animated to really fit in with your brief. Santa in a space ship using a laptop? Done.

Your Designs

We can add in your own design elements, logos, fonts and images too, it’s not just limited to the templates that come out of the box.

Royalty Free Music

We have a huge range of musical choices to select from – jaunty little pop ditties to massive orchestral affairs, all sorts of beats can be added in.

Text & Images

The Pack includes overlaid text to explain the main points of your message. Full subtitles and narration are additional extras.

And More

Let's make it a 2 sided business card, shall we? Want MORE?! Okay, we'll include the Privacy Policy text, too.

Why choose digitalstarterpack?

This is the big one. If you have a new company – or an old one which needs a refresh – The Complete Pack is the ideal starting place for you. Mind boggling value for money, this amazing deal can save you thousands of pounds and countless hours of your time, getting you set up to start taking over the world.

What are your options?

Before digitalstarterpack came along, they were limited. If you needed a website, you could either attempt to make it yourself using a service like WiX – it would take time and money you could use elsewhere to get a semi decent looking website. Alternatively, you could use a web designer, who would probably charge upwards of £1,000 for a basic page, which ultimately didn’t do what you needed it to do.

For animated videos, loads of companies which will charge you a huge amount of money to do it. You could spend your own time learning how to use a video editing package and master it yourself or go down the expensive options and pay through the nose – we just did a quick Google and the first few results all started from £199 for a 15 second video.

If you have a company you need a logo. For social media, business cards, letter heads, email signatures and more – your logo is the virtual definition of who you are and what you do. And the best part is that you no longer need to break the bank to get one you’ll love.

Everything is designed using the latest Adobe software

That's why we're here.

Our Complete Pack is tailored made for small businesses who need a lot but don't have a maasive budget. It features all of the best bits of our other packs, all bundled together with a little bit extra.

Everyone deserves a fantastic website to showcase their fantastic company and products, it shouldn’t just be the domain of the highly profitable. We want to put an end to people getting ripped off.

How about a snazzy 30 second, professionally animated explainer video, perfect for your website or social media feed?

With logo design, email signatures, social media profile images and business cards all from only £30 if you want them seperately, we’ll work with you to make an amazing first impression for all of your customers.

Add Ons

What if you want more than just a beautiful, mobile responsive website? Well have no fear, there are add-ons and upgrades available. Please note that all prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

1-Year Hosting & SSL

If you don't have hosting, there is nowhere for your website to actually live. It's an essential, and we can help.


Domain Registration

Need some help buying your website address? It can be a bit daunting, so we can lend a hand. You own it, we just help.


Domain Renewal

Keep the domain you use year after year. Domains need renewing if you want to keep them, so this is an annual cost.


12 Month SSL Certificate

Add an extra element of trust with a green padlock in your address bar. Essential for any websites with an online store.


Site Management

We'll update bits as we learn new tricks, keep your plugins up to date and make sure everything is always working,


Extra Pages

Need more than just 4 pages? We'll make as many as you think you need, matching your site theme, for £50 per page.


Logo Design/Redraw

We'll either make a new, or recreate an existing logo in a web-friendly format to make your site really pop.


Email Setup

No more @gmail address for you! An email to match your domain, which can still work like your existing one. From only:



Do you want to sell products, services or downloads? Turn any website into a secure shop, using Snipcart. It's the system we use.


SEO Content Pack

Up to 300 words of Search Engine friendly "copy" for each page of your 4-page website. Can't say fairer than that. READ MORE


Website Images

If you want us to find you leagl snazzy images for your site, we can track them down if you're not sure where to look.

£5 per image

Pixel Installations

We’ll add your Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixels to your site, so you can track visitors and ads.


Google Business Set-Up

We’ll get all your business details added on to Google, so you’ll start showing up quicker when people search for what you do.



If you want the extra features WordPress can provide, we can make your site on that platform for an additional cost.



We can set up a page for you on Shopify, linking your domain and adding template product pages and categories.



Installation of a dynamic reviews system, so your latest Facebook and Google reviews are always online... Just like here.


Hourly Design

If there are any other bits you would need that aren’t covered, we may be able to help, charged at our hourly rate.


Logo Design

A new logo for your company, either starting from scratch of working on a redesign of your current logo.


Logo Re-draw

We'll take the logo you already have and make it web/print friendly, fully resizable with no loss of quality.


Social Media Banners

Profile and cover images for all of the major social media platforms, branded up and ready to use on your accounts.


Email Signatures

Fully coded HTML email signatures, ready to use in Outlook or any other mail client you choose, for up to 3 people.


Business Cards

Single sided business card design, all of your contact information ready to hand out at networking and pitches.


Flyer Design

A5 sized designs to advertise what you do and how much it costs. Full colour, single sided design work that can help catch the eye.


Additional 30 Seconds

Do you need more time? Add another 30 seconds of video to get your point across and really let your inner Spielberg shine through.


Hardcoded Subtitles

Built in subtitles for your video. Over 80% of people watch social media videos on mute, so without subtitles your message may not get across.


Still Images

High quality screenshots for every scene in your 30 second video, ideal for use in presentations or social media accounts and website.



English voice over of your script on the video. High quality recordings available with a variety of UK accents. We can even attempt foreign languages.


* On top of the set up fee, this option may also require a monthly subscription to a third party service.

We Are What We Sell

Every single thing on our site is made using the same people, tools and templates that will work on your site.

4 Page Website

A perfect, mobile friendly small business/sole trader website, used to promote yourself, your services and help customers find you online. From only £199.

Fast Support

We aim to have all websites finished within a few weeks of content being supplied. So the sooner you tell us what you want on it, the quicker it will be ready.

Super Security

SSL certificates, secure FTP, Cookie and Privacy Policies. We'll provide everything we can to keep your site on the right side of security and the law.


Here's a taster of some of the projects we've recently worked on.