We're Always Looking For Help

We Want You

digitalstarterpack is a creative design agency with a difference. We’re fans of helping the little guy, we don’t want to blind people with tricky terminology. We know that while we understand the difference between a domain name and hosting, not everyone does. And we understand that there is more to design than simply knowing how to write HTML code or use PhotoShop.

Are you the right person?

We’re not actively looking for staff, but at the same time we’re never NOT looking for the right people. If you have a passion for design – graphic design, web design, video production etc – and the sort of personality that can get on with team members who frequently quote Alan Partridge then maybe we should have a chat.

It’s not about what you know, skills can be learned. We want passion, we want a desire to learn, a longing for your big break in the industry. If you’re hungry to make an impression, based in Norwich or want to work remotely, then get in touch.

Send an email to with the subject line “Here I Am”, include your CV, tell us why you’d want to work for digitalstarterpack (other than the obvious reason of wanting to earn money) and maybe – just maybe – we’ll give you a tinkle.

Do you have any of these skills?

Front End Web Design

Do you have the HTML skills to make a beautiful looking website? Do you understand what CSS is? Have you ever heard of Dreamweaver?

Back End Web Design

Can you make a contact form communicate to a MYSQL database? Can you code JavaScript with your eyes closed?

Logo Design

Do you look at a logo and instantly appreciate the beauty of it? Can you make a plumbing business suddenly seem exciting?

Graphic Design

Have you ever drawn a 3D house in Adobe Illustrator for a 6ft banner to advertised an EPCs business? Would you like to?!


Can you take a very vague idea of a “what we do” guide and turn it into an animated, social media friendly animated video?


From a drone to a steady cam, corporate videos are becoming more and more important. Do you know how to make them?

Script Writers

Do you have a talent for taking a booklet about Voice Over IP telephone systems and making it into an entertaining script/storyboard?

Copywriters & SEO Experts

Can you knock out a search engine friendly blog post about the joys of 19th century postage stamps in an hour or two?

Social Media Managers

Do you know your hashtags from your pokes? Can you run paid for ads on Facebook or Twitter, generating leads and traffic for us and our clients?

PPC Experts

Can you get our adverts to the top of Google? Can you win placement on the major national newspaper native advert slots?


Are you fresh out of school or stuck in a job you hate, but with a burning desire to cut your teeth in the digital industry? We can totally relate to that.

Old Hands

Made redundant? Got bored? Skills a little rusty but full of experience? We don’t care how old you are, if you’re keen to get restarted we’re keen to hear from you.