The Video Pack: 30-second animated explainer video, from only £99 + VAT

digitalstarterpack designed this product just for people like you.

30 Second Branded HD Video

We use cutting edge video editing tools to create our 30 second explainer videos. Fully animated and branded, including music and a plethora of options.

Full Character Animation

Fully mobile and responsive characters, backgrounds and props can be animated to really fit in with your brief. Want Santa in a space ship using a laptop? Done.

Your Designs

We can add in your own design elements, logos, fonts and images too, it’s not just limited to the templates that come out of the box.

Royalty Free Music

We have a huge range of musical choices to select from – jaunty little pop ditties to massive orchestral affairs, all sorts of beats can be added in.

Text & Images

The Pack includes overlaid text to explain the main points of your message. Full subtitles and narration are additional extras.


We will make sure you love what we've done. If we're totally wide of the mark, we'll go back to the drawing board until you're happy.

Other bits

Need a little more in your Video Pack?. You can pick and choose elements right here. Please note that all prices are EXCLUSIVE of VAT.

Additional 30 Seconds

Do you need more time? Add another 30 seconds of video to get your point across and really let your inner Spielberg/Apprentice candidate shine through.


Hardcoded Subtitles

Built in subtitles for your video. Over 80% of people watch social media videos on mute, so without subtitles your message may not get across.


Still Images

High quality screen shots for every scene in your 30 second video, ideal for using in presentations or as images for social media accounts and website.



English voice over of your script on the video. High quality recordings available with a variety of UK accents. We can even attempt foreign languages.



Here's a taster of some of the projects we've recently worked on.