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Low Cost, High Thrills

For too long, if you wanted a nice website or logo you had to pay through the nose or do it yourself. We’re the middle ground – highly affordable prices, with even higher quality services.

Made For Small Businesses

We keep costs down so that all small businesses, sole traders, charities or clubs can finally afford to take their place on the internet. We keep things simple, explain everything as we go along and give you something you can be proud of.

Quick Turn Around

All our services are aimed at people who need things quickly. As soon as you tell us exactly what you need, we get to work. Our aim is to have all graphic design work completed within a few days and our websites online and running within a month.

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Michael Culham

Michael Culham


A lover of all things Alan Partridge, Liverpool Football Club, Sir Bruce Forsyth and generally having a bit of a sit down, Michael is currently all things to all people at digitalstarterpack. From CEO to tea boy, he singlehandedly finds, works for and pleases each and every customer.

A proud father of two young sons, Jenson and Billy, Michael founded Digital Starter Pack as a result of realising how lucky he was to know how to make logos, design business cards and build websites, as it meant he didn’t have to pay someone else huge sums to do it. So it became clear that a new way of doing things was required for small businesses with small budgets.

With a 20-year background in graphic and web design, a stint as a “Red Coat” style hotel entertainer in Ibiza and a number of other customer service based jobs, our best (read “only”) employee is perfectly suited to make the entire design process as painless and – dare we say it – almost enjoyable as possible.

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The Story So Far

We've tried really hard to keep all of our website as easy to understand as possible, with no jargon, industry speak or annoying marketing lingo, but we kind of had to sneak something in to make sure people realise we're every bit as good as the over-priced competition.

The idea of digitalstarterpack is pretty simple. Create presence, build awareness.

Create presence, build awareness.
- Digital Starter Pack,

A collection of people who are good at different elements of setting up a company have all gotten together with the aim of building an idea for the greater good. We know and appreciate how hard it is to start something from scratch, even more so the parts that you're not comfortable with.

With countless years of experience in graphic design, web design, user experience, advertising, SEO, content writing and branding between us, we're well placed to get you up and running as quickly as we can.

So rather than expecting someone with a brilliant idea for a service but no idea how to make a logo to make a logo, we're going to make your logo. But we're also going to make your email signature, so you look even more professional in all the messages you send out. And we'll make your business cards, too, so you have something to hand all your new customers. Then we'll make the cover and profile pictures for the social media accounts you need to advertise yourself. For the cherry on top, we'll only charge you £99 to do all of that. It's called the essentials pack.

Why is it so cheap? I'm sure it's crossed your mind. We have a good answer to that, too.

It's cheap because we've designed it to be cheap. Everyone at digitalstarterpack is a business owner, who understands that money is tight – especially for a new company starting up – and time is precious. So our theory is that it's better to charge a lot of new people a small amount of money for our services rather than pitching the price to stupid amounts and aiming for one or two clients.

That doesn’t mean that we're skimping on services. We'll be working with every single customer to produce a design that they love. The digitalstarterpacks all represent sensational value for money for a quality product. If you want something utterly bespoke and even more personalised then there's an option for that too, from only £30 an hour we can work with you to deliver whatever project you like.

We offer four digitalstarterpacks – the essentials, website, video and complete. On top of that, you can purchase any one of our products and services individually, so if you only want a business card designed, or you just need some content for your website then it's absolutely possible.

Basically, we want to help you have the best possible chance to succeed, and that means providing you with an offer that is simply too good to turn down. We genuinely think we'd be offering something amazing even at three or four times the price, but then fewer people could afford it.

If you want to see an example of what we can offer then look no further than this website. Every part of the digitalstarterpack was done in house, by the same team that would work on your project. Logos, graphics, websites… this is what you'd get.

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch. Alternatively you can read more about the packages and products that we sell right here.


Here's a taster of some of the projects we've recently worked on.